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Số giấy phép: 255/GP-STTTT do sở Thông tin &TT cấp ngày 30/5/2014

         Support for the Organization, household pets elephant reproduction is the provincial policy promulgated in Decree No. 78/quỵết 2012/NQ-21/12/2012 of December about provincial regulations a number of elephant conservation policy the province of Dak Lak and decision No. 13/2014/QD-UBND on 28/5/2014 province's rules of order and procedure for implementation of the policy on elephant conservation in the province of Dak Lak.


        Number of Dak Lak elephant houses plummeted from 500 (1982) until now (2019) only 45 individuals. In three decades did not have the elephant reproductive success.  To preserve and develop the elephants, elephant conservation Center has developed research fertility of domesticated elephants (elephas maximus) in the province of Dak Lak from 2016, taking blood samples of elephant methods. the hormone tests to determine ovulation and promote mating at this point to increase the ability to conceive for elephants.

        Elephant society is a part of Dak Lak 2019 coffee Festival, held at Kroong N communce , Buon Don district, Dak Lak Province. the elephant society has many cultural activities, entertainment such as: religious water, Ben religious elephant, elephant racing , elephant stone ball, elephant, elephant parade, tug of war elephants eat buffet, elephant pool, recreated scenes tame elephant hunting, camping, campfires, booth ... Elephant Festival lasted from 9-13/3/2019.



Deciduous dipterocarp forest in Dak Lak-living environment of wild elephants are being depleted because of many causes. To preserve the elephants need to protect forests by many measures and policies

Rescue crashed early spring forest elephants Lunar Hare

On the day Lunar New Year Lunar Hare area Yok Don National Park, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province has appeared an individual wild elephants (Elephant Forest) for 3-year-old males often follow the Elephant while foraging in the forest.

Center for Elephant Conservation Conference Dak Lak training solutions limited elephant-human conflict in the commune Ia Jloi Ea Sup

On 26/11/2014, Elephant Conservation Center Conference Dak Lak training solutions limited elephant-human conflict in the commune Ia Jloi Ea Sup. Pham Van lang- Deputy Director of the Centre chaired the conference. Attending the meeting were leaders of the Party Committee, People's Council and electric departments, Ia mass Jloi, staff and majority of the people of the village (wholesale) often have wild elephants reside move.



African elephants have visual flair odor most types

African elephants are known to be intelligent animals, capable of distinguishing different languages ​​best.

The truth about elephants became extinct in China 3000 years ago

Scientists said wild elephants living in North China 3000 years ago Palaeoloxodon extinct species. Earlier, this elephant Elephas maximus allegedly species, an Asian elephant species still living in South China.

Elephants mating like?

Once a year, the male elephant fell into estrus period. We will find a suitable children to "make love" without flirting.



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