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African elephants have visual flair odor most types

African elephants are known to be intelligent animals, capable of distinguishing different languages ​​best.

Japanese scientists recently discovered a "knack" of this rare species, which is the most sensitive sense of smell fine. 

In a study published in the American journal Genome Research (study of genes) of the day 22/7, scientists at the University of Tokyo, Japan, has conducted comparative sensory odor genes in the genome of the elephant African people and 12 species of other mammals such as horses, cows, rabbits, dogs, chimps, as well as some rodents such as guinea pigs, mice ...

Voi châu Phi có khướu giác tinh nhạy loại bậc nhất
African elephants at Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa. (Source: AFP / VNA)

The results showed that the genome of the African elephant are more olfactory genes, with nearly 2,000 genes out of 10,000 genes olfactory detection. 

Thus, the gene is distinctive smell of elephants nearly twice as many mice - animals has long been thought to be the best of olfactory function. 

In addition, the olfactory genes of the African elephant is more than 5 times and 2 times human than the dog attention. 

According to scientists, it remains unclear how the olfactory genes in elephants in action, but this function has helped the elephants in search of food, mates and protect their ability to survive in the environment harsh habitats in Africa. 

African elephants scientific name is Loxodonta, the largest animals on Earth today. 

African elephants are classified in the Red Data Book of rare animals in danger of extinction because they are losing habitat and hunting illegally obtained ivory rampant. 

Research on the Technology Agency and the Japan Science and Society Promoting the aid program for scientific research co-sponsored Japan.



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