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Center for Elephant Conservation Conference Dak Lak training solutions limited elephant-human conflict in the commune Ia Jloi Ea Sup

On 26/11/2014, Elephant Conservation Center Conference Dak Lak training solutions limited elephant-human conflict in the commune Ia Jloi Ea Sup. Pham Van lang- Deputy Director of the Centre chaired the conference. Attending the meeting were leaders of the Party Committee, People's Council and electric departments, Ia mass Jloi, staff and majority of the people of the village (wholesale) often have wild elephants reside move.



              Pham Van lang- Deputy Director of the Center hosted the opening

After the opening speech of the conference Pham Van lang- Deputy Director of the Dak Lak Elephant Conservation Center, the conference heard the speeches of Mr. Hoang Thi Hai Yen- Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee Ia Jloi situation Ea Sup wild elephants residence, movement and conflict with people in the commune, as well as the solutions that the CPC has directed implemented to limit the damage caused by elephants to the flower color of people's assets over time.

Hoang Thi Hai Yen- Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee of Ea Sup Ia Jloi participate in conference discussions

                      Numerous rural people (traders) to participate in the conference
The conference focused on the key issues:
Firstly, the status of wild elephants, with- the conflict situation and the measures to restrict elephant conflict - the province as well as in the districts of Ea Sup. These policies restrict elephant-human conflict in Resolution No. 78/2012 / NQ-People's Council of the Provincial Council dated 21.12.2012 and the Decision No. 13/2014 / QD-provincial People's Committee dated 05/28/2014 Dak Lak including the local (commune) of wild elephants often appear to be establishing protection group task tracking, monitoring movement of elephants, capture information promptly report to the government local organizing forces repel wild elephants destroyed, to protect the health, lives and property of the people. Organizations, families and individuals living, production, operating legally in the area of residence of wild elephants, elephants move when the attack damage, lost lives, health, flower color and assets, the State shall consider supporting losses.
Secondly, the participants practiced a method of prevention, avoid, repel elephants in the case of forest elephants destroy crops drag on, property, life-threatening human health, such as rope laced with viscous liquid waste mixed with paprika stretch up the tree, elephant encounter will avoid; gas combustion air stone (calcium carbide) to repel elephants noise ...
Third, the participants focused in order to discuss the most effective solution to minimize conflicts between wild elephants and humans in the province in general and in social Ia Jloi particular Ea Sup.

           People's commune Ea Sup Ia Jloi contribute ideas, discussed in conference
The content is studied, discussed at the conference come to life will mean very important in reducing conflict between humans wild elephants in the commune Ia Jloi Ea Sup, helping people people living near the forest now assured production and socio-economic development and conservation of elephants are wild animals, rare for future generations.



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