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Số giấy phép: 255/GP-STTTT do sở Thông tin &TT cấp ngày 30/5/2014

Rescue crashed early spring forest elephants Lunar Hare

On the day Lunar New Year Lunar Hare area Yok Don National Park, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province has appeared an individual wild elephants (Elephant Forest) for 3-year-old males often follow the Elephant while foraging in the forest.


               Board of Directors elephant conservation center in the area of forest elephants injured

         Through the monitor shows Elephant was badly injured, the entire foundation of a front foot no longer, around the wound with pus large swelling, tearing a hole faucet. Cause Elephant injured according to initial peak is due to trapping. This is a very urgent task to rescue and treat early wound for Elephants. Elephant Conservation Center in Dak Lak is not a new agency established to build office buildings as well as the technical facilities for elephant conservation is a difficult challenge in the forest elephant rescue.

            Officer DOF, Yok Don National Park, Elephant Conservation Center, experts organized animal Asia research for a cure wounds elephant

       Attention closely direction of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Center has collaborated closely with Yok Don National Park and Asian animals Organize quick rescue, surgery and treatment Elephant wounds. Elephants elephants were home and artisans of Yok Don National Park caught right in the early New Year's Day to find a cure wounds. Even during the day 26.02.2015 (ie eighth Tet Lunar Hare), after firing anesthetic, forest elephants are the experts conducting the professional, clean wounds, surgical handling pus and treatment. After surgery, the Elephant has gradually regained normal diet, health signs of positive changes. This individual is the second child of forest elephants live in areas Yok Don National Park was rescued within 3 years. Earlier in 2012 the Elephant Conservation Centre in collaboration with Yok Don National Park successfully rescue an individual forest elephants over 3 years of age due to the trapped and injured, healing wounds and released into the wild.

                 The experts conducted cause, and passion tie valley for treatment of elephants

                 Experts conducting surgical wounds, antiseptic, elephant foot tapping

                              The experts conducted antiseptic, elephant foot tapping

         The wild elephants living in the forests of the Central Highlands plateau constantly reproducing the individual child Elephant is a very good sign, but the invasive behavior Elephants are a concern for those working in security Elephant survival as well as all lovers Elephant. /.



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