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Số giấy phép: 255/GP-STTTT do sở Thông tin &TT cấp ngày 30/5/2014


Deciduous dipterocarp forest in Dak Lak-living environment of wild elephants are being depleted because of many causes. To preserve the elephants need to protect forests by many measures and policies

         Dak Lak is known to local forest type joints focus a large area, we know that this is only one type of habitat in the Central Highlands. This forest type is flat, sparse density of trees mainly dipterocarp, low reserves, deciduous in the dry season, is the preferred habitat of elephants and a number of large ungulates.
        However in recent years dipterocarp forest area in the local wild elephants are Buon Don, Ea Sup and Ea Hleo are declining sharply. According to data from forest inventories in the 2005 total natural forest area in 3 districts of Buon Don, Ea Sup and Ea Hleo is 310 907 ha ; 2010 the area of forests in the districts  is 297 280 ha and  to 2015 the total area of natural forests in the province 3 districts is 220 866 ha.
       Thus, during the 10 years from 2005 to 2015, total forest area course in 3 districts with resident wild elephant Buon Don, Ea Ea Sup and fell about 90 041 ha to serve the objectives of socio-economic development, defense and security and border areas.
       We know that the natural habitat is habitat, shelter and provide food for the elephants to survive and grow, and this is also the migration corridors of wild elephants to seasonal foraging, mating and birth products.
         These activities do habitat loss and habitat fragmentation is a phenomenon encroachment, poor dipterocarp forest conversion to rubber plantation, fruit, vegetables and target economic development society more, these activities have created invisible gaps in habitat, habitat divided into several small areas that previously were stable living area of Elephant populations, so we easily easy to observe them from this space and there is also an indirect factor threatening the elephant population.
        From the above practices to the task is a specialized agency, through this conference, and we were advised PPC steering as well as direct and implement the following measures:
Go ahead:
- Strict protection of existing forest area in the district of Buon Don, Ea Sup and Ea Hleo by measures enrichment and strictly abide by the direction of the Prime Minister on the play of natural forests.
- Organize elephant protection groups and built watchtowers with the participation of local people in order to track elephants, early warning when wild elephants appear during crop harvest from May to November and we have established protection teams to be 9 to perform the tasks.
- Construction of system information from locals elephants, elephant protection groups to the local government, the elephant conservation center, the local rangers to monitor the movement of elephants in the region to know how to avoid, prevent damage and the creation of excess base materials for conservation and scientific study of elephants.
- Food support, funding, seedlings, seeds for farmers who lost crops due to elephants to alleviate difficulties and brings hope message to the people.
In the long term
- Projects of socio-economic development in all areas of live elephants should be environmental impact assessment before the building design, which must pay attention to lines seasonal moving of elephants ....
- To propose the Government should develop a separate policy on elephant conservation, including policy on conflict issues with- people, to create a legal framework for the local elephants regularly damage as basis for support following the conflict in order to both protect elephants and health protection for people's lives; at the same time preventing the crops ruined. Currently, farmers tend to act to protect themselves should a conflict will also increase in areas where elephants live



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