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Số giấy phép: 255/GP-STTTT do sở Thông tin &TT cấp ngày 30/5/2014


        Due to habitat as forests are destroyed, narrowed, blocked by the alternate, missing food ... so wild elephants in Dak Lak are often moved on a large scale in the district of Buon Don and Ea Sup, Residential Mgar, Ea Hleo ... Some have a baby elephants died due to asphyxia water, trampled or unknown causes

       November 6 in 2018, in the process of monitoring the wild elephant, Elephant Conservation Center discovered 1 elephant died in individual zone 239-Royal company. The Center collaborates with the relevant authorities including district Ranger, public security and people's Procuracy district to check the actual situation as follows:

      Dead elephant position coordinates E 00408953-N 01453488 in zone 3 moment 239 Royal company Play in Ea Bung district. Elephant around 3 months of age, male gender, length 1, 1 m, height 79 cm, intact body has not decomposed. Around the scene had so many big elephants to leave footprints. 

       Dead whale causes is Police District identified as due to the water hole. Uniform inspection delegation organized destruction of elephant's corpse at the scene to ensure environmental hygiene.

From 2009 until now has 19 wild elephant was killed. That includes 1 the elephant, 8 males and 10 gender unknown due to the body when found to have decomposed. Because most wild elephant was killed is males should some people think may be due to biological causes limited number of males in a herd of wild elephants causes wild Bull elephant died? This issue needs the scientist research, answers.
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